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Auctions: Your Gateway to Fair Market Value

When it comes to selling your estate, the method you choose significantly impacts the outcome. Here, we delineate the pros and cons of Private Sale versus Auction to help you make an informed decision.

Private Sale

  • Control: Set your price, negotiate offers, and choose your buyer

  • Privacy: Conduct transactions discreetly without public attention.

  • Time: Potentially longer time on the market with less urgency for buyers to act.

  • Lack of Exposure: Unlike auctions that can create a buzz and attract a multitude of interested buyers, private sales may not garner the same level of attention, potentially limiting the pool of buyers and the final sale price.


  • Competitive Bidding: Auctions foster a competitive environment, often yielding higher sale prices.

  • Speed: Set a definitive sale date, creating urgency among buyers and often resulting in a quicker sale​.

  • Market Value: The bidding process helps in establishing the true market value of your estate.

  • Transparency: All interested buyers have an equal opportunity, making the process fair and transparent​

The choice boils down to your personal circumstances and market conditions. However, auctions, with their transparent, competitive nature, often emerge as the favorable route, ensuring you attain the best market value for your estate in a timely manner. This holds especially true if there is personal property to be sold as well.


At Ken Byrd Realty & Auction, we excel in orchestrating successful auctions that exceed our client's expectations. Discover the potential of auctioning your estate with us and step closer to a rewarding sale experience.

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